Tesla Jump

You are Tesla - a superhero who can develop incredible speed, move faster than light and travel between different worlds! Make unbelievably long jumps, overcome the most difficult trials, find yourself the fastest! Prove you're the fastest in the world!

  • Simple control;
  • Amazing characters;
  • Convenient user interface;
  • Musical and sound effects;
  • Suitable for children and adults of all ages;
  • Game without Internet;
  • Minimum tension and lots of pleasure.
Data safety
Data this app may collect:
  • Device ID
  • Crash logs and Diagnostics info
  • App interactions
  • Purchase history
If you want to request the deletion of all collected data, kindly send an email to support@playgenes.com with your UID or use the corresponding function in the app settings window.
Attention! All your data and progress in the game will be permanently deleted!